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Rebel Labs combines technical skill, marketing expertise, and a dash of creativity to create bleeding-edge digital solutions. We don’t push limits; we redefine them. We take risks, run trial after trial, combine seemingly disparate pieces in unexpected ways, and above all, look for that “Eureka!” moment.

We’ve been in the digital space long enough to have designed, created and modified numerous digital tools to help our clients succeed. We bring to the table not only a wide range of digital tools, but also the strategic thinking to apply the right tool or right combination of tools to address specific business challenges and unlock new opportunities.

We created a series of code and functionality to help ourselves succeed in a fast-paced digital world. Building on that, we’re able to apply our own learnings to businesses of all sizes and types to help grow their own business.


Halo is a digital library that stores your content — case studies, product sheets, testimonials and more — and allows you to quickly retrieve them and compile a professional presentation.

Select the pieces of content you want and the tool builds a fully responsive customized landing page for your prospect, which can be easily viewed on their desktop, tablet or mobile device.


Pop Quiz is Rebel’s mobile-based, app-like data collection and gamification tool. The user goes to a specific URL in their mobile browser and enters a code to participate in a poll or quiz game. Crucially the tool delivers an app-like experience and there is no need for the user to download and install an app.


Spin to Win can be customized in a full range of color schemes and tailored to fit your branding. Strictly speaking, it doesn’t have to be a spin wheel; can take the same underlying technology and turn it into a slot machine, dice roll, or any other game of chance. 


The Five-Star General is Rebel’s digital reputation management tool to help your business get out ahead of negative reviews before they happen. Within the Five-Star General interface, if a customer clicks on five stars, they’re immediately directed to a review site to leave a five-star review. If they click on a lower number of stars, they’re diverted to a feedback page where they can send a message directly to your customer service page.

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