Nothing holds that attention better than games

There’s nothing particularly new about the idea of applying game-like principles to non-game topics. What’s changed is the broader digital context: we’re living in an increasingly virtual world, and one of the biggest challenges is keeping people engaged. If you can’t gather in-person, how do you hold your audience’s attention?

What’s in a game?

The point of gamification is to incentivize a user to take a particular action. With gamification, we start with the end — how do I win? —  in mind. It all begins with your target audience.

When we partner with a business on a gamification project, we’re intrigued by the strategy behind it. We take a deep dive into your target audience, armed with data as well as qualitative insights, and identify engagement opportunities within each audience segment. Then we build the game with targeted incentives to help bring your audience to the desired action.

Being Effective

Effective gamification has little to do with flashy animations and everything to do with a sound strategy. We can plan every aspect of your gamification initiative, including:

  • Point systems
  • Rewards
  • Achievements and badges
  • Leaderboards
  • Dashboards
  • Back-end management

Once we have the structure of the game fully fleshed out, our designers, developers, and copywriters get to work to create all of the assets needed to get it up and running. Of course, we also work with you to promote the game and integrate it with your other systems, including CRM and marketing automation.

Engage and excite your audience with a little rebellion

It’s one thing to take a gamification product off the shelf and get it up and running to entertain your audience for a few minutes. It’s quite another to do the kind of strategic thinking needed to leverage gamification to accomplish actual business goals. Whether you need to keep your employees engaged, turn first-time buyers into repeat customers, or impress prospective clients, we put the power of games to work for you.

When you’re ready to use gamification to advance your business goals and enhance your brand, you’re ready to Rebel. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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