Event Services

The world has gone digital. It’s time for your event production to follow suit. 

The benefits of amplifying your event using technology are many. From significantly lowered production costs to the ability to reach a broader audience (void of physical capacity limits), the opportunity to maximize your ROI digitally is huge. Without barriers to travel, lodging, and time, there are opportunities to reach more exponentially more people.

The business world is saturated with bland webinars and uninspired PowerPoint presentations. Why not do things differently? Streaming content is easy, but creating a two-way interaction between a brand and its audience is the key to personalize attendee experience. 

The technology to create an eye-opening, memorable online experience is here — and ready to be utilized for a number of digital capacities. 

Doing things differently is Rebel’s specialty.

We excel at creating web-based and mobile-responsive virtual events and technology-infused hybrid, in-person events. They are immersive interactive experiences with your brand and can be measured through detailed web analytics to help you understand your audience in detail. 

Virtual Event Types 

  • Conferences 
  • Product Launches
  • Crowdsourcing/Fundraising Events 
  • How-to’s, tutorials, and classes
    • Product tutorials 
  • Training and courses
    • Webinars, Workshops, Master Classes
  • Keynote Speeches & Executive Updates
  • Behind the Scenes Tours (museums, airports, parks, colleges)
  • Trade Shows & Exhibit Booths
  • Live Interviews 
  • Live Performances
  • Recruitment Events & Job Fairs
  • Townhall Meetings
  • Virtual Happy Hours 
  • Open Houses

Although there are myriad virtual event types available to entertain and educate audiences, it’s important to bring the personalization of physical events to the table, too. 

This is where we get innovative. Rebel has a wildly creative event services team that strategizes solutions to keep audiences engaged and connected to your brand. 

Digital Event Capabilities

  • Breakout sessions 
    • Sometimes things are easier to accomplish with a smaller team. Utilizing event streaming technology, we set up your event with the ability to start with a large group and then seamlessly split into smaller groups to enhance team concentration as teams. 
  • Digital Whiteboarding  
    • Often the urge to grab a marker and explain information on a whiteboard is strong, even with a remote audience. But using different streaming services, we set up your event with collaborative whiteboards you and your team can use in real-time. 
  • Live Q&As  
    • The classic moment of having too many people on a conference call and speaking over each other should be avoided at all costs. Instead, we set up a live Q&A system so your audience stays engaged and asks questions —  at the moment they pop into mind. This way attendees follow speakers who can address any questions and comments. This can be done natively within the streaming platform itself, or by encouraging questions through social media with an event hashtag and live-tweeting. 
  • Polls & Quizzes
    • Data collection is not only valuable during events; it helps you understand what audiences are thinking in order to facilitate curating future content. 
  • Mobile Event App
    • Building a mobile event app to help audiences navigate the event agenda is beneficial for users and brands. Host customized profiles for each attendee on the app, allow users to browse other confirmed users, and empower digital networking like never before. Enabling customized messaging capabilities also provides audiences value to reach potential leads through the event.
  • Virtual Speed Dating
    • Match attendees with other like-minded individuals based on questionnaires they fill out prior to the event.

Virtual Event Management Deliverables: 

  • Event website and/ or event registration landing page 
  • Speaker/Influencer Research
  • Live presentation content
  • Live question & answer technology 
  • Simulcasting (Streaming two different forms of media at once like video & presentation content)
  • Live polling / eVoting
  • Recorded content streaming
  • Interactive video conferencing
  • Feedback surveys
  • Event moderation
  • Public Speaking & Digital Presentation Guidance
  • Archive Services & Marketing (repurposing previous virtual content to continue to build ROI) 

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