Digital Advertising Strategies & Planning

Powerful marketing needs strategic creativity, digital fluency, and obsessive curiosity. It’s not just a jungle out there — it’s an entire ecosystem. Understanding the complex relationships between your target audiences and the channels they trust, the competitors in the space, and how to thrive.

Rebel doesn’t just find your niche: We define it. 

Our process for advertising begins with the consumer; understanding who they are, what they like, what motivates them, what their concerns are, and what factors they’re experiencing in their lives. From there, we hone in on advertising channels they use and align them with messaging that resonates with them.

The best thing about it is it’s all rooted in data: from initial strategy development to ongoing optimizations and analysis so you know your campaigns are working their hardest for you. We stay ahead of the next wave of online and offline marketing opportunities and we look hard at your business to determine strategic solutions that deliver real ROI.



The process of media planning always starts with research. Understanding the media habits of your target audience and identifying emerging trends of media usage is key to reaching your audience at the right time, in the right place, with the right message. Rebel always begins with building a list of media properties across all media considered and then performs a competitive analysis to identify whitespace in the market for your advertising efforts to be most effective.


After your audience is outlined, we rank media properties by data to understand the coverage, composition, cost, and relevance of each available advertising option for you. Using stringent selection criteria to select the best channels to reach your most relevant audience at the lowest cost, we build a media plan outlining the seasonality of your investment spend.

STEP THREE:  Quantify & Optimize

We constantly look at metrics and trends we’re able to collect and map-back customer interactions and journeys to tangible goals such as time on site, email sign ups, product views, and leads and conversions. Combine that with knowledge of how many people have seen or even clicked on your ads (and how much money you spent to reach those individuals,) and you have tangible goals you can relate to dollars spent, ensuring you can always take the pulse of what goes out as well as what comes in. 


Our reporting process involves customized dashboards with transparent data, tailored toward the goals and KPIs you and your business care about. From here, we help to explore meanings behind the numbers, as well as offer suggestions to how we plan to improve campaigns in the future — even ones that are already doing incredibly well — because we don’t believe in complacency. 

Expertise + Experience + Transparency = Results

At Rebel, no one part of the process is less important than another. From the initial strategy to ongoing optimizations and testing, our strategy is about being flexible, nimble, and brilliant. 

Because of this, we are proud to run our digital campaigns completely in-house, with the same people who make active changes to your accounts available to you on reporting calls and on a regular basis to discuss your evolving goals.

Our robust team of digital marketers — certified by Google as Google Ads Certified Partners and Google Analytics Certified Partners — stand behind our results. 

Are you ready to Rebel? Contact us to talk to a real human being (and a smart one at that). 

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