Our Partners

Rebel’s core vision is to help our clients realize what they are capable of. In doing so, we’ve been privileged to work with industry leaders in a variety of verticals to help our clients meet their goals. We value these partners that align with our strategic vision and values.

The Virtuoso Group

Virtuoso Group is a team of professionals with a passion for generating value. Virtuoso believes the future puts a premium on the swift, and those who embrace the challenge of the present win the future. They exact performance using powerful analytical tools.


Throne Technologies is an advertising company with the ability to show different ads to specific people across the web, based on data that’s available outside of Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Tired of extravagant cost markups, unnecessary jargon, confusing explanations, and limited transparency in the programmatic world, they built it themselves.

Data Oceans

DataOceans was founded from a merger between ThreeRiversGroup and Netfocus, with a vision of innovating document delivery. They now have nine modules, workflow between the modules, and a complete digital-first outbound customer communications platform. Today, DataOceans has expanded to over 150 direct and indirect customers. 

HB Group

HB Live is a full-service event production company that develops and executes live event solutions to elevate the audience experience. Their team balances client expectations with creativity, technology, and logistics to deliver exceptional results.

A Safer Surface

A Safer Surface is a family-owned small business based in West Hartford, CT. Given the severe impact and concern about biological threats in the everyday environment, the company was founded to provide trusted and effective solutions based on proven validated scientific data. Leveraging experts in the field with decades of experience, A Safer Surface has developed proven treatment approaches to optimize effectiveness and safety.  

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