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We are digital marketing experts who help reach your idea’s full potential by providing bold creative ideas and a fresh perspective to marketing. Are you ready to market the rebellious way?


We refuse cookie-cutter solutions and build innovative strategies fueled by data and creativity. Become the exception(al) in your industry with Rebel Interactive Group. 

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We’re only as brilliant as our team. Create your own path at Rebel Interactive Group. 

We are eagerly looking to fill a number of digital marketing positions in Connecticut to help fulfill the needs of our ever-growing list of amazing clients.

Experiment 650: HALO

Halo is Rebel’s fully customizable landing page-builder that presents content in a format tailor-made for specific audiences and across a broad range of applications – contact forms, sales enablement, welcome and onboarding.  Halo aggregates and quickly recalls and sends information, creating a “halo” of superior responsiveness and quality of service. 


The team decided to revamp XVIVO’s site with a fresh look, intuitive user experience and content that spoke directly to their target audience segments’ needs, expectations and mindsets.



Powerful marketing needs strategic creativity, digital fluency, and obsessive curiosity. Rebel understands the complex relationships between your target audiences and the channels they trust, the competitors in the space, and how to thrive.

Amazon Services

Rebels envision the Amazon marketplace as an extension of your current website and marketing strategy. With surgical skill, Rebel takes a comprehensive, integrated approach to how businesses sell and market themselves on the Amazon platform.

Branding & Messaging Strategy

Every business understands that brand matters, but nailing down what the brand is and what it means is another matter entirely. We’re Rebels. And the way we think about brand activation is not what you expect.

Content Marketing

Content is powerful and It’s also everywhere. And it’s not just the amount — the ways people interact with content has changed massively in the last few years, and they continue to evolve daily. Rebels cut through the noise and deliver your brand’s message to consumers.

Data Science

Data has surpassed oil as the most valuable commodity. Rebel’s data science team can combine your data, our data, and some of the world’s strongest machine learning algorithms to identify data patterns and remove the guesswork from running a business.

Design & UX

Clever design and words only get you so far and ideas are only ideas until they’re fleshed out with something eye-catching and engaging. We help you rise above the fray and ride the wave before your competition sees it coming.

Development & Technical Services

At some digital agencies, web developers are the equivalent of cooks. They’re given a recipe and told to serve up a website. We’re not most agencies. We’re Rebels. And we think about website development services completely differently.

Marketing Automation & Email Marketing

Search engine marketing and digital marketing have parity within a business’s marketing strategy. We need to shift email marketing’s importance from quantity and frequency to sophisticated, data-backed, personalized quality.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Great websites and content are meaningless if no one can find them. Rebels think about search engine optimization in the context of visibility. We look at the big picture — and every little detail.

Social Media Marketing

Social media gives you — and everyone else — a megaphone. If you’re going to make an impact, you need a marketing partner who not only knows social media but also stays ahead of the curve and keeps redefining what’s possible.

Video Marketing

Video search is the second-biggest — and growing — search engine, and for good reason. Video works. Whether it’s a social media video post, a TV spot, or an educational video series, Rebel makes it happen.

Event Services

Creating an immersive experience to captivate your audience is brought to the next level incorporating technology into the mix. Rebel will work with you to show you what’s possible — meeting both your deadlines and your budget.

Introducing the Rebel Leadership Podcast.

It’s guaranteed to trigger your next ah-ha moment, changing how leaders lead and smashing the status quo with each story we unfold.
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