Video Pre-Production & Ideation

Anyone can shoot a video; indeed it seems like everyone is shooting video. But if you want to create video that actually stands out, is seen, and accomplishes your marketing goals, you need a plan.

At Rebel, it’s all about strategy and execution. We won’t just create great video — we’ll come up with a winning plan to get your video in front of the people who need to see it. We leverage our team’s experience and expertise to plan and create original, meaningful and relevant video content, and we move through the process efficiently to increase speed to market.

Our pre-production and ideation process includes:

  • Establishing project requirements
  • Project planning
  • Video outlining
  • Creative direction
  • Production logistics
  • Specifications (length, effects, etc.)
  • Mapping visuals
  • Casting
  • Scripting title
  • Storyboarding
  • Sound design

By the time we start production, you’ll already be enthralled by the plan we’ve created in pre-production. We’re Rebels, not slackers: we put in the effort to make sure every video we produce reflects the quality of your brand, and we do it quickly and efficiently so we can deploy it faster and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Video Production & Post-Production

When it’s time to produce compelling video content that gets big results for your brand, count on Rebel’s video production team to get the job done. We’re familiar with a range of production styles, including:

  • Live action
  • Mixed media
  • 2D and 3D animation

The production phase entails the actual creation of the video, including:

  • Live filming
  • Photo shoots
  • Narration
  • Sound
  • Voiceovers 
  • Graphics 
  • Animation 
  • Messaging
  • Special effects

In post-production, the Rebel video team assembles, edits video footage and makes enhancements, ensuring the original vision is achieved through effects, audio and music.

You’ll be in the loop every step of the way. Every video is delivered in rough-cut form for your review. After all the tweaks are made, we export and encode the final video product according to distribution requirements.

Of course, a video is no good if no one sees it! Once your video project is complete, we help you roll it out to your audience. 

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